How old is Nikita Vashketov?

Nikita Vashketov Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

Nikita Vashketov is a famous YouTube influencer known for posting Entertainment content. Born in 2015, Nikita Vashketov is 9 years old today.

So, let's answer at the question you are wondering. How old is Nikita Vashketov? Nikita Vashketov was born in 2015, which makes him 9 years old as of today.

When is Nikita Vashketov's birthday?

Nikita Vashketov's birthday is June 4th, 2015. That makes Nikita Vashketov 9 years old today.

What is Nikita Vashketov's astrological sign?

Nikita Vashketov's date of birth is on June 4th, 2015.Referencing the astrology calendar, Nikita Vashketov would be a Gemini. Nikita Vashketov's birthday fell between 05-22 and 06-21, making them the dates for Gemini on the zodiac calendar.

What's Nikita Vashketov's net worth.


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