How old is nigahiga?

nigahiga Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

nigahiga is known for being one of the most popular Entertainment YouTube creators on YouTube. Born in 1990, nigahiga is 34 years old as of this post.

Fans usually wonder: how old is nigahiga? nigahiga was born in the year 1990, which makes him 34 years old as of this post.

When is nigahiga's birthday?

nigahiga's birthday is June 6th, 1990. That date makes nigahiga 34 years old today.

What is nigahiga's astrological sign?

nigahiga was born on June 6th, 1990. check nigahiga's date of birth to the zodiac, that makes nigahiga a Gemini. nigahiga's date of birth was between 05-22 and 06-21, which are the dates for Gemini on the astrology calendar.

What's nigahiga's net worth.


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