Mensajeros urbanos Net Worth & Earnings

Mensajeros urbanos Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

Mensajeros urbanos is a popular Entertainment channel on YouTube. It has attracted 681 thousand subscribers. Mensajeros urbanos started in 2013 and is located in Mexico.

One common question we hear is: What is Mensajeros urbanos's net worth or how much does Mensajeros urbanos earn? Only Mensajeros urbanos truly knows, but we can make some close estimates through data from YouTube.

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What is Mensajeros urbanos's net worth?

Mensajeros urbanos has an estimated net worth of about $122.83 thousand.

Net Worth Spot's data estimates Mensajeros urbanos's net worth to be near $122.83 thousand. Although Mensajeros urbanos's actual net worth is not known. Our website's industry expertise thinks Mensajeros urbanos's net worth at $122.83 thousand, however Mensajeros urbanos's real net worth is still being verified.

However, some people have suggested that Mensajeros urbanos's net worth might possibly be much more than that. In fact, when including more sources of income for a YouTuber, some predictions place Mensajeros urbanos's net worth close to $171.96 thousand.

How much does Mensajeros urbanos earn?

Mensajeros urbanos earns an estimated $30.71 thousand a year.

You may be questioning: How much does Mensajeros urbanos earn?

On average, Mensajeros urbanos's YouTube channel attracts 511.78 thousand views a month, and around 17.06 thousand views a day.

If a channel is monetized through ads, it earns money for every thousand video views. YouTube channels may earn anywhere between $3 to $7 per one thousand video views. Using these estimates, we can estimate that Mensajeros urbanos earns $2.05 thousand a month, reaching $30.71 thousand a year.

Net Worth Spot may be using under-reporting Mensajeros urbanos's revenue though. Optimistically, Mensajeros urbanos might earn as much as $55.27 thousand a year.

Mensajeros urbanos likely has additional revenue sources. Influencers could market their own products, have sponsors, or generate revenue through affiliate commissions.

What could Mensajeros urbanos buy with $122.83 thousand?What could Mensajeros urbanos buy with $122.83 thousand?


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