How old is J Balvin?

J Balvin Net Worth & Earnings (2022)

J Balvin is a leading social media creator widely known for posting Music content. Born in the year 1985, J Balvin is 38 years old today.

Followers usually think: how old is J Balvin? J Balvin was born in 1985, making him 38 years old as of today.

When is J Balvin's birthday?

J Balvin's date of birth is May 7th, 1985. That date makes J Balvin 38 years old as of this post.

What is J Balvin's astrological sign?

J Balvin's birthday falls on May 7th, 1985.According to the zodiac, J Balvin is a Taurus. J Balvin's birthday happened between 04-21 and 05-20, making them the dates for Taurus on the astrology calendar.

What is J Balvin's net worth?


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