How old is Demi Lovato?

Demi Lovato Net Worth & Earnings (2023)

Demi Lovato is a popular YouTube influencer known for posting Music videos. Demi Lovato was born in the year 1992, which makes them 31 years old as of today.

You may be thinking: how old is Demi Lovato? Born in the year 1992, Demi Lovato is 31 years old as of this post.

When is Demi Lovato's birthday?

Demi Lovato's date of birth is August 20th, 1992. That means Demi Lovato is 31 years as of today.

What is Demi Lovato's astrological sign?

Demi Lovato's birthday falls on August 20th, 1992. That means Demi Lovato's birth sign is the Leo, following the zodiac calendar. Demi Lovato's birthday happened between 07-23 and 08-23, placing them among the dates for Leo on the zodiac.

What's Demi Lovato's net worth.


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