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How old is AnthonyPadilla?

AnthonyPadilla Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

AnthonyPadilla is among leading People & Blogs social media influencers on YouTube. AnthonyPadilla is based in the United States and was born in the year 1987, which makes him 37 years old today.

Fans usually ask: how old is AnthonyPadilla? Born in 1987 and located in the United States, AnthonyPadilla is 37 years old today.

When is AnthonyPadilla's birthday?

AnthonyPadilla's birthday is November 30th, 1987. That date makes AnthonyPadilla 37 years old as of today.

What is AnthonyPadilla's astrological sign?

AnthonyPadilla's date of birth is on November 30th, 1987. If you compare AnthonyPadilla's date of birth to the zodiac, that means AnthonyPadilla is a Sagittarius. That's because AnthonyPadilla's birthday fell within the dates of Sagittarius on the zodiac calendar, from 11-22 through 12-21.

AnthonyPadilla's net worth


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