サッカーキング Net Worth & Earnings

サッカーキング Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

With more than 141 thousand subscribers, サッカーキング is a popular YouTube channel. サッカーキング started in 2011 and is located in Japan.

So, you may be wondering: What is サッカーキング's net worth? Or you could be asking: how much does サッカーキング earn? Few people have a proper idea of サッカーキング's actual net worth, but some have made estimations.

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What is サッカーキング's net worth?

サッカーキング has an estimated net worth of about $386.9 thousand.

While サッカーキング's actual net worth is still being verified, NetWorthSpot relies on YouTube viewership data to make a prediction of $386.9 thousand.

That estimate only uses one advertising source however. サッカーキング's net worth may actually be higher than $386.9 thousand. When we consider many sources of income, サッカーキング's net worth could be as high as $541.66 thousand.

How much does サッカーキング earn?

サッカーキング earns an estimated $96.72 thousand a year.

You may be asking: How much does サッカーキング earn?

On average, サッカーキング's YouTube channel attracts 1.61 million views a month, and around 53.74 thousand views a day.

If a channel is monetized through ads, it earns money for every thousand video views. On average, YouTube channels earn between $3 to $7 for every one thousand video views. With this data, we predict the サッカーキング YouTube channel generates $6.45 thousand in ad revenue a month and $96.72 thousand a year.

$96.72 thousand a year may be a low estimate though. Optimistically, サッカーキング may make as high as $174.1 thousand a year.

However, it's uncommon for influencers to rely on a single source of revenue. Influencers may promote their own products, accept sponsorships, or generate revenue with affiliate commissions.

What could サッカーキング buy with $386.9 thousand?What could サッカーキング buy with $386.9 thousand?


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